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    A frustration hangover



    Training this week, for me, was a frustrating experience.  I am getting up quite early to do my runs but some days its just hard to get up at 5.00 am.  However, I am ready to be fast and I want it now.  The problem is, it does not happen like this.

    In my quest for a less than 60 minute 10 k, Tania started built one run aimed at beginning the process of increasing my speed.  What usually happens when I run is that my body naturally settles into a pace that is comfortable and fairly contained.  I worry that I won’t be able to do the distance, even its a short distance, so I always want to leave something in reserve and not go hard.  My mind starts to wander and I enter that lovely zen like place where I am not thinking about anything.

    With the speedwork this week, which in my case is just pushing myself over shorter distance to run a bit faster than my normal pace, I have to be present when I run.  My mind has to be engaged and forcing my body to run faster.  When that happens I think about how hard it is to run, how slow I run, the uncomfortable feeling my body has when I run a bit faster etc.  So by the time I got back from my Wednesday morning run, which was my training run aimed at helping me increase my speed, I was a bear to be around.  My husband astutely assessed my level of frustration and went to his office for a while, and I muttered about the fruitlessness of my sub 60 minute goal and how old women should just accept their limitations and stop trying to do something that is clearly impossible.   I am a slow runner and as much as I hate it, that is just the way I was made.

    I have since gained some perspective, with the support of a bowl of ice cream to calm myself, and have decided to continue to pursue this goal, which for so many is something they can do so easily.  However, training this week has been more difficult, not physically but mentally,  and I am lacking motivation.  I am having a frustration hangover.   My frustration is waning, but the ill effects of being that frustrated are still hanging around.

    My frustration hangover is compounded by dreary, fogging, rainy east coast weather.  We have a heavy rainfall warning tomorrow, and tomorrow I am suppose to run 12 k, as I ramp up a it more mileage.  For me, that will take about an 90 minutes, and I have never run in a downpour. Tomorrow will be a day where I will need my motivation to just get dressed and go out the door.

    Anyone have a cure for a frustration hangover.  I hear ice cream really helps


    1. I hear you, Chrystal. I am slow, too, and I also have the urge to hold back to make sure I get through my workout.

      The good news is, the more you push yourself outside of your comfort zone, the sooner you realize you don’t die from it, and the more comfortable you get with discomfort, if that makes any sense. It’s a similar process for the frustration, I find. I know that some days I will be frustrated, and that’s okay! Just don’t get discouraged 😉

      Hang in there!!

    2. I hear you too! Like you, I have resolved to beat 60 minutes for the 10km. My challenge right now is an “apathy hangover”: I haven’t felt much like running for months. All I can say is have faith in the program. You’re probably faster than you think.

      In terms of the weater, why not consider you going out and running as a way to show the rain who’s the boss. You’re a tough, fast runner and you’re not going to be pushed around by a little precipitation!!

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