Motivation Beau’s Brewery CEO Steve Beauchesne On Travel And Training

Beau’s Brewery CEO Steve Beauchesne On Travel And Training



Beau’s CEO and co-founder Steve Beauchesne sent an update on his globe-trotting half-marathon training so far – here’s the latest from Steve on his beer + run adventures!


The last few weeks have had me running in some pretty cool places while keeping up with my half-marathon training. I make sure to get in a run during a recent beer-related trip to China, and luckily found a willing run buddy in Mat Mault, a consultant who was on the trip with me. Here are a few pics from our runs in Baicheng, China, past statues and flags and stuff. Not sure of their significance exactly, but they made a cool backdrop for training, and I made sure to wear my Team Canada gear.


After China I took a few days off for March Break in Florida, and got in what I can easily say was my nicest run ever, on the beach in St. Augustine.

As nice as it was to training in the warmth and sunshine I have to say that coming back from that to training on the first day of ‘Spring’ here in Canada was pretty tough. It happened to be -15 C and my sweaty toque actually froze to my head! All I could think about was being back on the beach … but toughed it out like we all do in Canada.


So the training miles are starting to pile up, and it feels good! My longest run to date was this past weekend at 13K – I headed up to Ottawa to run there and get a feel for running in the city, and it seemed like every runner in Ottawa was out enjoying the day too. It was a challenging distance, but cool to think that it’s more than half the 21.1K distance I will run in May. I will also be doing a group run in Ottawa April 23 as part of the Run To Beer Ottawa Tune-Up Series, and my sister Jen and I will be hanging out afterwards to have a beer if you plan on coming out.


I will be headed to Washington DC in mid-April for the annual Craft Brewers Conference and there’s a group run there that I’m planning on doing in the National Mall. Pros – takes you past lots of cool stuff, like Lincoln Memorial and Washington Monument, and the Smithsonian. Cons – it’s happening at 7:45 am in the middle of a craft beer conference. Once again, running and beer coming together in a fun way.

Hope everyone else’s training is going great and like our crew here at Beau’s you are all keeping up despite the lingering effects of winter – patio season is just a few weeks away! Also if you haven’t signed up for the Beau’s Workplace Run Off for Ottawa Race weekend, check out this link – raise money for charity and you could win a VIP trip for you and 40 friends to Beau’s!