Motivation Brooks PureConnect 4 both brilliant and neutral

Brooks PureConnect 4 both brilliant and neutral


6.6oz; high arch; neutral, minimalist profile

When it comes to your kicks, choosing fashion over function isn’t a winning decision. But this pair from Brooks combines style with a comfortable fit, making it easy to have it both ways.

By Carrie Snyder, Photo by Darren Calabrese

Let’s admit that sometimes we’re drawn to a shoe because it’s got flash. This stylin’ shoe is colourful, bright, fun and earned a whole lot of notice from friends in my spin and weights class. As I laced up in the change room, they said, “Whoa, new shoes? Sweet!” and “Hey, I’d wear those!” The tread has excellent grip, a must-have when swinging kettle bells at 6 a.m. As for running, at 6.6oz this shoe is feather light, extremely flexible both heel to toe and across the midline, and makes me speedy, or gives me the illusion that I might be. Either way, the big support beneath the arches and the snug fit of the spongy body are super-comfy. Given the thin profile of the soles, I felt surprisingly well-supported while running. I’ll wear this shoe for shorter distances or to train on the track. Not for those with flat feet or who need support at the ankles.

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