No Category selected Calling all members of iMom (and Dad) Nation! Send us your training...

    Calling all members of iMom (and Dad) Nation! Send us your training tips, and they could appear in the next issue of iRun


    When I posted my ‘New Mom Training Plan’ a couple of weeks ago, featuring a few of the tricks and tips I’d learned re. how to fit training in with a new babe at home, I realized that compared to many accomplished mommy (and daddy) runners out there, I’m a relative noob when it comes to the various tricks of the running and parenting trade. So step away from that slick-double jogging stroller for just a moment and share  YOUR training tips for new moms and dads – they could be featured in the next issue of iRun, which will have an article on this very subject!

    Email your responses to, including your name, age and hometown…or post your comments below if you prefer! Just remember to include your details and contact info if you want your post to appear in the magazine.


    1. Last week, I asked my 5 yr old to take me for a run on his bike. I figured a short slow run was better than no run. He was excited because he got to pick our route and ride places he doesn’t get to go with his younger brother.

      Turns out, he’s really fast, and it was a great/challenging 4 K run. The company was awesome, and he’s learning left from right b/c he needs to tell me which way we are going next.

      And, now he has the bug. “Mommy, when can we go running again?”
      Gives me incentive to keep it up!

    2. I have a 6 year old and 3 year old. My very first attempt at running ever was 6 weeks after my daughter was born, 3 years ago. Since then I have caught the bug. My kids come to a lot of races with me are have been the official cheering squad from day 1. They enjoy the energy of race day and know the routine. They have seen my partner and I through some tough races and have pulled us through to the end. They have also been doing kids runs of their own for the last 2 years and enjoy the energy of their own races. In terms of tips for other parents, I really think having my kids involved on race day gives them a sense as to what all the training is for. The understand why mom or dad go for a run and we stress the health benefits as well. I am very lucky to have a very supportive partner who runs as well, he understands the importance of me getting out to run and vice versa, so we are a good pair. During long runs the runner head out while the other plans an adventur

    3. Sorry, laptop messed me up before I finished… the other parent plans an adventure with the kids. I ran my first marathon last fall and just finished my second – BOSTON!! My son was so excited for me running Boston as I set a challenge to his school’s Kilometer Klub. Those that accumulated 42km from Sept-April would get a gift from the Boston Marathon. My son was most excited as I had promised him he could have my medal. He took it to school for show and tell the day I got home from Boston – that meant more to me then actually finishing Boston at a 3:39!! So my tip, get your kids involved in running if they show interest. Now my son is even pushing me to run faster and is tracking my race times – nothing like pressure! We are planning on having another child within the next few months, and my next goal is to run a full marathon in all Cdn Provinces and Territories before I turn 40 (4 years) so I am hoping to complete marathons this year while pregnant – let’s see!

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