at the races Finding Your Finish Line

Finding Your Finish Line

Photo by / par: Alex McAvoy

At Canada Army Run, we were saddened to cancel our event in Ottawa this September. We, along with thousands of endurance events, are in the process of creating a virtual experience to keep people moving. 

With our virtual race coming up in September, we would like to share some of our top ways to make the most of your virtual race with the Canada Army Run.

Race day support from us

Our goal is to have you ready on race day, and before race day. We are working to deliver race kits to participants in advance of race day, so you can enjoy some of the things you love about racing with us. Whether it is your exclusive merchandise from us, or fuel from Nuun Sport and xact nutrition, we want you to be ready before you take on your race. 

Create your course

There are so many variables that go into designing a big-city running course, such as traffic management, landmarks, and crowd flow. With virtual races, you can be as unique as you want! Your course can be challenging or simple, hilly or flat, scenic or 100 laps of your backyard, and anywhere in between! We just ask that you be true to the distance. 

Eat local and treat yourself!

With virtual racing, you won’t have the same race weekend expenses you may be used to. This is a great opportunity to do something special to honour a job well done and make your race a celebration! If you’re used to going out for dinner the night before, or having a post-race celebration—try to recreate that your own way. Find a neighbourhood business that could use your support.

Try, try again

If your finishing time isn’t what you hoped for (we all have our days)—try to improve it! As long as you’re within the timeframe to complete and record your time, you can re-attempt as many times as you want. There are many ways to record your time, from manual entry, to the updated Asics Runkeeper app. The point is: do-overs are allowed. 

More than merch

When you wear our gear, you are showing your support to those in the Canadian Armed Forces. Our race shirts, hats and merchandise have featured Canada’s CADPAT design, and this year is no different. Show your Canadian pride and wear your gear on race day and year-round!

Share your family’s story

We are proud and honoured to host Remembrance Row each year on our course, in partnership with the Royal Canadian Legion. We are working on a digital way to pay tribute and honour those that served and are no longer with us. Find a story that’s meaningful to you, and share it with the #ARMYRUN community. This is an important part of our legacy and one that we want to carry over to your virtual race. 

Build your finish line

You are a one-person parade! Build out your finish moment as something you will remember for years to come. Decorate, play music, use your family as a personal cheering section, and have fun! Be sure to share your Finish Line experience with #ARMYRUN so we can shout you out. 

Bring people together at work

Having a group of co-workers training with you is a great way to not only keep yourself accountable and on-track, but to build new friendships. 

Sometimes good enough is good enough

Motivation can be a tricky thing these days, and just finishing is an amazing accomplishment. Our virtual leaderboard is for bragging rights only—no prize money, no podium, no stage. Compete with others, friends, or just yourself!

Time is on your side

Everyone’s schedule has changed, and your virtual race is as flexible as you need it to be. Whether you’re a shift worker that has to run at night or making your race as part of your Wednesday speed workout, or else fitting in a race during your lunch break, the finish line is waiting! You can race whenever works best for you.  

No peeking!

Good things come to those who wait, and your finish line should be no exception. With your race kit, you’ll receive your finisher challenge coin before you race—but it will be concealed. You may be eager to see the coin, but we ask you to wait until you cross your finish line. We may not be there to put a dog tag around you, but we believe that finish lines should be special. It will mean so much more once you feel you earned it, so hold back…and no spoilers! 

We can’t wait to see you back, and are cheering you on every step until then!


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