Training Five Ways to Boost Your Training

Five Ways to Boost Your Training


Bored of being bored because being bored is boring?

Switch up the routine! Why? Because being bored is boring.

Sometimes your runs can feel blah and you can’t exactly put a finger on the reason why. You get into the same routine and get bored or you just can’t seem to push past a plateau. Here are 5 ways that I’ve switched up my runs over the years to challenge myself, find the fun in running again or re-focus myself to a new goal.

By Robyn Baldwin


ONE: Join a Run Club

This is perfect for the solo runner who may be getting bored with runs by themselves. It’s also great for someone looking to pick up the pace and can be pushed by someone faster than themselves in a group. The effect that I loved about joining a run club is I conquered new distances I didn’t think possible when I was just a beginner. I also felt accountable to the group to always show up so it was a great reason to never miss a workout.

TWO: Find a Run Partner or Run With a Dog

This is perfect for the social runner who doesn’t exactly love a larger group setting but wants the social interaction. Sometimes solo runs can be boring so grabbing a run partner can push you to a new pace. If you’re a speed demon on the streets running with a slower partner can be great for your body and get you a workout without overtraining. Or it simply can be an amazing way for friends or significant others to spend time together. The other option is to run with a dog. This is perfect for the runner who likes having companionship but doesn’t want to have to make small talk. If you’re a dog person you also understand how they can elevate your happy hormones. Pair that with a runner’s high and you’ll be flying.

THREE: Try a New Route

Sometimes we get into the same weekly routine. We know exactly which routes from our house or office are 5km, 8km, 10km, 15km, the half marathon or the marathon training route. I suggest really using map my run to find a new route to challenge yourself. It may take an extra 5 mins to plan but you may discover a new neighbourhood or see new scenery that could inspire you.

FOUR: Run on Your Own

If you just love that run crew and would [gasp] think about missing Monday nights with them then try switching it up by heading out on a solo run. This might be the perfect opportunity to listen to that new run playlist on Spotify or Rock My Run

FIVE: Try A Different Time of Day

Push yourself to try that morning run, or get in a runch during the noon hour at work or after work to shake off the stress from the day. Try it out. Who knows? You may like it.