Gear Four Reasons We Love adidas 4DFWD

Four Reasons We Love adidas 4DFWD


4DFWD is the newest adidas racing shoe and its first to be designed using data-driven 3D printed technology. The shoe, a lightweight marathon racer, breaks new ground across many aspects, and after testing them for a month, iRun editor Ben Kaplan shares his thoughts. 

1. Brand New Midsole

The first takeaway of the 4DFWD is that it doesn’t feel like anything you’ve worn before, it feels somehow lighter and more responsive. It’s made with Carbon’s Digital Light SynthesisTM  technology, which offers the ability to fine tune midsoles to specific patterns of movement, so that athletes can enjoy precision performance with every step.

2. Environmentally Sound 

adidas has been a first-mover in making their shoes environmentally-friendly, and this sustainable approach to shoemaking continues in the 4DFWD, which not only has a responsive midsole, but one that’s created with 40% natural and renewable materials. Feel good about yourself as you score that PB. 

3. No Brakes 

Runners, especially long-distance runners, 90% of whom land on our heels, know that breaking mechanisms in our running form makes endurance running difficult. The 4DFWD addresses that problem head on, redirecting the impact by shearing forward. “We identified one perfect lattice midsole that is designed to compress forwards under loading and counter mechanical forces,” said the adidas product manager of running. It sounds complex but feels natural—especially when gliding at 30K. 

4. Taking a Runner’s Pulse 

The latest launch also introduced the new adidas 4DFWD PULSE, which combines 4D and EVA technology to ensure a soft landing with every step. The shoe is coded for a smooth run with the 4DFWD heel angled to increase impact absorption, working together with the EVA midsole. It’s light, fast, and innovatively designed from the toe box to the heel to mirror the foot on a run. The adidas 4DFWD, in conclusion, is innovative, smooth and technologically-formulated for a runner’s lateral and linear movement. 

In other words, they go fast.