No Category selected Friday, October 24, 2008

    Friday, October 24, 2008


    Wait a tick – isn’t this workout  … ? … Yeah, you can’t fool me! It totally is!
    It’s another installment of: “Thorny (in my side) Endurance Day (See: September 26, 2008 blog entry) but of course, the goal times are a touch faster! … yay.

    My group decided to take advantage of the good weather and run at 3pm. Unfortunately, my job requires me to typically stay until 5pm, and so …  I was extremely thankful to my one training partner – Kassandra  – who met me just after 5:00 to brave Saskatchewan’s gale force winds with me and risk being blown away together — all in the name of Track and Field.

    Let it be known – this workout sucked.  However, our running did not.

    200m ran in less than 33 seconds. <5 min break> A 600m (coming in at 70 seconds at the 400m mark) <15 min break> then a dreadful 3 x 300m < 3 min breaks between> all run under 56 seconds.  UGH! The wind made it close to unbearable and Kass and I both admitted later that quitting mid-way through each 300m seemed like a better option than finishing …. But, we didn’t quit …. it may not have been pretty – but we still finished!