Funnyman Kevin Hart Inspires a Running Movement


    Comedian Kevin Hart, best known for this stand-up comedy and comedic film acting, has inspired a running movement across the United States. What began as an impromptu run organized through social media in Boston has sparked a nationwide sensation – bringing together thousands of fans to run 5k alongside the famous comedian. Thanks to social media (specifically, Twitter, Instagram and Periscope), Hart’s runs have been deemed the biggest “popup race series” ever to sweep the nation.


    While Hart claims that he’s “not a big runner”, he tries to log anywhere from 2 to 3 miles a day. Commendably, Hart has shaved over 7 minutes off of his 5km time – starting with a 27:43, Hart has achieved a personal best of 20:03. While Hart’s runs currently cap off at 5km, he isn’t ruling out a marathon in the future, “Who knows what the future brings? Im open to it.”


    The 5 foot 4 inch comedian recently partnered with Nike Run Club for a 3.1 miler through Prospect Park in Brooklyn to make the unofficial runs more organized. Using #RunWithHart to bring together thousands of fans on his “WHAT NOW?” Tour, the comedian announced that he will be taking his runs internationally. An Instagram caption reads, “mark my words…These 5K runs will continue to grow and get bigger. My goal is to create a lifestyle/mindset that every all over the GLOBE can relate to and achieve.”


    Hart’s runs’ have taken the running world by storm as the perfect marriage between a challenging workout and social event. With the runs drawing everyone from overweight elderly to novice runners to experienced athletes, they have been coined as a welcoming and inclusive fitness movement. When the comic is done running, he stands at the finish line to high-fives all of the supportive participants, and admirably, has been known to turn around and run with others who are still tackling the 3.1 mile route. Upon finishing the course, Hart often turns to Instagram to post hilarious interviews with the finishers (check out this adorable video of Hart interviewing this giddy toddler post-run:


    To stay updated on Hart’s future runs, follow him on Twitter @KevinHart4real and on Instagram with the hashtag: #RunWithHart (

    By Megan Black