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Gift Guide on the Run: The Tech Shop Feature


Running is beautiful because it requires so little: a decent pair of shoes and some free time and away you go! However, the running world offers loads of bells and whistles to help a runner stay comfortable and (perhaps) get the most from their runs. Also: once some of us start running, we immediately get hooked. Hence the urge to purchase some products. From now until Christmas, iRun editors, running shop owners and iRunNation tell us what they want this year for the holidays—move quick, us runners sure do.  


Store: The Tech Shop

Location: Calgary and Edmonton, Alberta

Nolan Tudor, Vice President of Operations


Holiday Running Item Pick: North Face Isotherm Jacket

It is windproof and water resistant which is a perfect combo for the prairies.  It is often the wind whipping through your layers that makes it so cold running in Calgary and Edmonton in the winter.

What is your favourite thing about the Tech Shop?

My favourite thing about the Tech Shop is that we are a family owned and operated business.  It allows us the flexibility to stay on top of trends in the industry and also allows us to keep in touch with the community.

How did you come to running? What brought you to the sport?

I played competitive basketball most of my life and after leaving university was looking for a change.  Running provided me with a way to stay in shape and also allowed me to engage my competitive side.

What is your running mantra?

Just keep running, just keep running (said like Dory from Finding Nemo)

What is your favourite running distance? Why?

A quick 5km run on my lunch break.  It allows me to refocus on work in the afternoon and clear my head.  If I can make it a trail run, all the better.

What is your “desert island” running item?

My Ciele Athletics hat.  I don’t really have any hair so a hat is a must

What is your must-have winter running item?

A good pair of convertible gloves.  Saucony makes some really nice ones.