Training Happy Trails: Testing Saucony’s Koa ST’s in Toronto’s High Park

Happy Trails: Testing Saucony’s Koa ST’s in Toronto’s High Park

Saucony's Koa ST. Good for the trails and also suited to post-run eats and drinks.

Saucony gave us the chance to review their newest series of trail shoes this week, so three of us hit the trails at Toronto’s High Park. Here’s Alex Flint on the Koa ST.

Trail running is often half soothing-bliss and half perilous-adventure. My experience with Saucony’s new Koa ST trail shoes made the adventure feel blissful and more soothing. These heavy duty kicks are designed for the toughest trail surfaces, with 8mm lugs and a moisture shedding upper. Traction was certainly never an issue, and the shoes know it; they proudly have “MUD” printed right on the side of them.

As a minimalist shoe fan, I felt right at home with the Koa ST’s 4mm toe-to-heel drop and neutral pronation. As always, Saucony’s EVERUN topsole is a comfortable ride and the toe box fit my wide feet perfectly.

Perhaps my favourite feature of these shoes was the triathlon style toggle lacing system. They’re quick to pull on and tighten around your foot just right. Almost as importantly, they’re easy to loosen and take off when your run is done.

Although the Koa ST’s aren’t the smallest or lightest trail shoes available, the impressive tread, handy lacing system and comfortable ride make it worthwhile. Whether you’re new to the trails and want to protect your feet from rocks and mud, or you’re a seasoned ultra runner with a foot long beard, I recommend giving these new Sauconys a try.
– Alex Flint