No Category selected Here comes the slush!!!

    Here comes the slush!!!


    Well this is what we have been hoping for all through the winter… warm weather… now we have to wait for the snow to melt and the paths to dry… But the sun is shining even if our shoes and socks are soaking wet…

    For those that have been waiting to start your running until spring, please be careful with the the wet paths that will be freezing up… it is almost a more difficult time of the year with so much warming and freezing… go slow, take your time, and stand back from the curbs that have water pooling around the corners…

    TOTB: if you have not invested in the shoe grips for winter, it might not be a bad idea to use them now because there will be a lot of ice off and on while the snow is melting and freezing. There are different kinds and different prices. The coil ones are better for walking and not running because they start to irritate the bottoms of your feet if you are going very far. and don’t get them too small because they really pull on your shoes and your feet will hurt after a while…

    BOTB: Sometimes the grippers fall off of your shoes depending on the terrain… in deep snow you might even lose it completely…  like lets say someone you know hits the trees for a pit stop and has grippers on when they went in, but one is missing when they come out… check the tree branches in case it happened to get tangled up on the way to your pit stop… really, the strangest things happens on some of your runs!!

    BOTB: this one is for the last entry about laundry… if you put anything into the laundry that has velcro, like your hats… be sure it is done up completely so it does not stick to your FAVOURITE running shirt… maybe put it in the dish washer, or in the shower when you hop in after a run…

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