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    How it all began – an unlikely story


    New-to-Saucony runner Marc Boudreau gives his first impressions of the Saucony Triumph 9:

    In late 2010, I met the most amazing woman. We slowly got to know each other over the course of time and fell in love with each other. When I learned that my better half Sally was a runner and had run many marathons, I was intrigued and inspired. She challenged me to start running which I did in February 2011. Her expertise proved beneficial to this newbie during what were initially very challenging and trying runs.

    I’d join in on group runs and struggle to keep pace with the gang. I’d also feel bad if the group slowed down to accommodate the pace I could bear. I kept aspiring to the day when I’d be able to run with the gang and keep pace with them. Over the course of time, I was thrilled when that day arrived several months later. A beast was awaken; I had been bitten by the running bug. Unfortunately, there is no known cure for this… other than running that is.

    I was inspired and strived to improve. My improved results over the course of time inspired me to continue pushing onwards and they still do to this day.

    When I was chosen to be one of two Saucony Canada Product Ambassador I was thrilled and excited! I remember thinking that I never win anything. I was elated to be trying out the fancy schmancy brand new Saucony Triumph’s and blogging about my experience! Sweeet!

    I have to admit that I had never paid much attention to my running shoes before I ran and even after I started running. I mean I knew that I needed to wear a neutral cushioning shoe. The only thing that was important to me was that they look really schwanky (i.e. really cool) and – okay two things – that they felt great on my feet.

    I eagerly awaited for the arrival of my pair of Triumph 9’s. The minutes turned into hours, the hours turned into days and the days turned into a couple of weeks. I had almost run holes in my shoes when I finally received my pair of Black and Yellow Triumph’s. (Ok so my former shoes didn’t have holes in them but it did make for a nice intro!)

    At a first glance, they definitely passed the schwanky test. Not only do they look cool but they also look fast! How fast? Really fast! Really fast? Ok fine, UBER fast! I mean I easily beat my 5K PB during a tempo run! I’d like to thank Saucony for making me lightning fast. Ok, so maybe it’s not all the shoes but I’d like to think that they have definitely played a part in this improvement!

    For a shoe that has premium cushioning, they are surprisingly light and comfortable yet deliver a responsive feel. I’ve read that they’re designed with an 8mm offset. French being my mother tongue, I had to do some reading to decipher what this means in English. Apparently this allows for an easier transition and less impact. Et bien, c’est pas pire ca! When you and your running shoes spend some serious quality time together this is something really important!

    I ran Around the Bay in my former pair of running shoes and was just thankful to finish the race with all ten toes still attached to my feet. I have to admit that while I rested after this race that my training for my first 10K race went astray slightly. So this coming weekend, when I lace up my Triumph’s for the Sporting Life 10K Toronto, I am hoping that I’ll be able to complete the race in a triumphant time!