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    How to Become a Morning Runner


    Some people are born to rise at the break of dawn. They wake up before their alarm sounds, jump out of bed and hit the ground ready to rock their predawn run. And research has proven time and again that early risers (and exercisers) are actually more likely to stick to their healthy habits, meaning you’ll be more likely to stick with your training plan, make better food choices and probably sleep better too.


    Need a few tricks to cue up your morning motivation? Like most of the world who would sooner hit snooze just one last time, than get up at dawn, all it takes is a bit of pre-planning to get your head in the game.

    So here are four ways you can turn yourself into a morning runner on the regular.

    Get Your Gear Together

    Pull out the shoes, shirt, shorts, socks and whatever else you run in the night before which means you can get out the door without having to think. If you’re really want to be extra certain you won’t ditch your run, then consider sleeping in your running clothes. While that might sound a bit strange, doing so will buy you an extra five, or ten minutes of sleep. Yeah, we’ve done it, no judgment!

    Set Your Clock Earlier
    Sure it’s a quirky idea. I mean you’re setting your clock, so you should know it’s earlier, but this tactic actually works, mostly because it’s early and you’re not thinking about it. By the time you realize you’re up a little earlier, you’ll practically be out the door.

    Team Up

    Find a fellow runner who wants to make the switch to mornings and you’ll have a personal reason to get out there. You wouldn’t bail on dinner or coffee with friends, and if you know someone else is getting out there early, you’re probably not going to ditch them either. Plus, let’s face it, running in solitude is wonderful, but there’s something to be said for making at least a couple of runs a week more of a social affair.

    When All Else Fails: Coffee

    Or fresh pressed juice.

    Or smoothies.

    Whatever your post-run jam, the point knowing it will be easily available immediately following your run can be a good source of motivation. Again, this takes a bit of planning the night before, automating your coffee, prepping the ingredients for your juicer or blender, but the reward is huge the next day.

    One Last Note: Even before most people get out of bed, you’ve already got at least one item off your to-do list for the day. In our crazy busy lives, that’s reason enough to get up and run.