Community “If you don’t start, you will never finish.”

    “If you don’t start, you will never finish.”


    Peter Symons and Samantha Johnson, two marathon runners in Toronto, were recently featured in a popular story in iRun magazine. This is that story. Being underdogs and positive, generous people, I followed-up with the two athletes and asked them what they’ve learned month after month and year after year in their shoes. These are their tips for not only getting the most out of your running, but finding something in yourself to give back to our sport.

    5 comments around running, by Samantha Johnson.

    1. The hardest part of running isn’t getting out the door, but the first 10 minutes where you are trying to figure out how to actually run, and breath. But then, all of the sudden it comes together.
    2. If you don’t start you will never finish.
    3. Running gives you permission to eat all the ice cream you want. 
    4. Going for beers after running is the best.
    5. The running community is something special, and they make you always feel welcome and special.

    Pithy realities on racing marathons from an old guy [Peter Symons] who has only raced two.

    • Find friends with more experience than you and take their advice—but listen to your body.
    • Train your body to tolerate and use fuelling. It is just as important as the running part.
    • Always have two sequential race goals. Not every day will be your day.
    • Buy fancy, expensive shoes—they may not make you much faster, but the physiologic impact will.
    • Training for a spring marathon through a Canadian winter is tough. But you’ll fall back in love with running once it’s over.


    1. Can’t say I disagree with either of them. So very true!
      I might add too, when your running companions begin to dwindle in number, the motivation to run becomes harder. It’s difficult to find runners who share the same pace and are located in your community.

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