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    Keeping Fit While On Vacation


    road_tripBy: Tania Archer

    Staying in shape when traveling or while on vacation isn’t always an easy task, but there are simple exercises I enjoy from the comfort of my hotel room when I cannot gain access to a gym.

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    I’ve held faithful to a series of 7 exercises, which I repeat 10-12 times each across 6-8 sets, creating a 45-60 minute workout. I try to keep recovery breaks, if any, to a minimum to create intensity.

    I try to warm up with a light jog, approximately 15 minutes, if possible and easy stretching.

    My Exercises:

    • Tricep Dips
    • Lunge
    • Seated Crunch
    • Mini Band Walking
    • Inverted Hamstring Stretch
    • Reach Ups Crunch
    • Jump Ups

    #1. Tricep Dips: Using a bench or sofa cushion edge, I place my hands on surface, arms fairly straight at my sides, fingers facing forward. I lower my body until my arms are bent at a 90-degree angle. I push up. I repeat this action 10-12 times. Exercise works my triceps and shoulders.

    #2. Lunge: Staying in the same spot, placing my hands on my hips, great posture, I take a deep step (lunge) forward; repeating and alternating legs I step forward with. Exercise works my thighs and buttocks.

    #3. Seated Crunch: I sit in single chair with my buttocks on the edge. Grabbing the chair arms I lean back pulling my knees towards my chest, extending my legs fully just above floor. This exercise is great as it works muscles in thighs, abs and my lower back.

    #4. Mini Band Walking: Placing a mini-band around my legs above my knees and around my ankles I walk sideways with wide steps, knees slightly bent, body upright, taking as many side steps to the right as I can bare, then move to the left. Exercise works my outer thighs and buttocks.

    #5. Inverted Hamstring Stretch: I stand on my left leg only with arms extended at my sides. I bend over at waist and raise my right leg so it’s behind me and parallel to ground. This exercise takes great balance. I alternate legs when I feel stretch in starting leg. Great for my lower back and hamstring flexibility.

    #6. Reach Up Crunch: Laying flat on my back in a soldier like position, reaching my arms upwards to ceiling, raising upper body, shoulders, off ground slightly while tightening abs. Exercise works and strengthens my lower abs.

    #7. Jump Ups: I jump up, trying to touch ceiling from a deep bend position, keeping posture and body form in line, no twisting, extending from bended knee position fully. Exercise strengthens abs, buttocks, hamstrings and quads.

    While these simple exercises do not replace an elite strength work out or supervised trainer workout they have helped me to maintain a good base when away from home.

    To break the monotony of these exercises over a long travel week I like to add in a 45-60 minute run.

    Please consult with your physician, trainer or coach about creating your own custom travel fitness regime specific to your capabilities and fitness level. I do not recommend attempting any of these exercises without seeking professional guidance.

    Happy travels!


    Tania Archer
    Canadian Olympic Team Trialist (frm. Sprinter)
    Mizuno Brand Ambassador
    Motivational Speaker, Spokesperson
    Esteem Team Athlete Role Model
    University of Alabama Athlete Alumni
    Supporter of The Wellspring Foundation Rwanda

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