Motivation Ken Ruller works the ECCO Biom Lite at the gym

Ken Ruller works the ECCO Biom Lite at the gym


“iRun for the fun and when I am done I feel as if my body has won” ~ Ken Ruller

Ken’s first impressions of his ECCO Biom Lite:

“Black and stealthy” was what I thought when I tried on the ECCO Biom Lite training shoes but the hardest part was deciding whether I should lace up with the lime-green laces or the additionally supplied black ones.  After deciding on the lime-green coloured laces I set forth towards my group exercise classes with determination to work out hard and to work the shoes out hard.  Commencing with the one-hour weight class I found the ECCO Biom Lite shoes not only distributed my weight equally, but when completing fast and slow lunges, the shoes gripped the exercise floor quite nicely.  Following up the weight class with a one-hour step mix class was going to put the shoes to the maximum test.  The ECCO Biom Lite shoes were much more than I expected.  Lightweight and with a low profile, the shoes were comfortable and flexible providing great support for the up and down motion of the steps. After finishing the classes, I was pleasantly surprised at how dry my feet were; the wicking aspect of the shoes worked quite nicely. I am already looking forward to wearing the ECCO Biom Lite shoes again to my next workout session.  Watch out Zumba class.