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    Kiska Colwill’s Road to Boston


    Meet Kiska Colwill.

    Kiska’s friend Rebecca wrote in to tell us how Kiska is an inspiration to runners in her community, going the extra mile (literally and figuratively) to ensure they meet their goals.

    Our Favourite Part of Rebecca’s Entry about Kiska:” Kiska loves her sport, she loves sharing her passion for it even more…Kiska ran the Toronto marathon last spring with a group of friends. One of these friends failed to complete it. She was devastated, but decided to try again a month later…Kiska was 100% supportive… she drove her car up and down the race route with supplies, a tambourine and a massive cheering voice… her enthusiasm and joy for the sport is, quite simply, contagious. When she ran the Toronto marathon last spring she fulfi lled an almost decadelong personal goal of qualifying for the Boston Marathon. Kiska needed a time of 3:45:00 and ran the race in 3:44:49. She was ecstatic – her best time ever…when it came to registering she didn’t make the cut. Of course she was upset, but perhaps not surprisingly still positive. She says that Boston is about fast runners and the fastest runners deserved to get in before her.”

    Now, the 36 year old runner from Oakville , Ontario, will be running the 2012 Boston Marathon, courtesy of adidas. Follow Kiska’s blog to join her on the Road to Boston!


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