No Category selected Monday, July 14, 2008

    Monday, July 14, 2008


    One week. Four more workouts; one competition race remains.

    I did a noon hour workout today.
    6 x 200m (with a goal of 31) 3 min. breaks
    30.31 – 29.51 – 31.05 – 31.90 – 32.66 – 32.90.

    As it was lunch time, I was alone … well, almost. There was in fact an older gentleman running 800s. He was heading towards the line on one of my breaks and I cheered him in.  He caught his breath and without hesitation he said, “So, are you a hurdler?!”
    I was impressed; I didn’t even have hurdles out. I had to wonder for a quick second if it was really that obvious now? “Good guess,” I said, “400m Hurdler in fact.”

    “Oh! Now that’s a serious race. Well you look like you’re ready! “He replied.

    It was in that moment that I understood that in all things in life –it’s the choices we make that show people who we really are.  

    Ps: In the evening I also did some light mixed martial arts training at Complete MMA & Fitness in their club here in the south of Regina
    Don’t worry coach, I was careful!