Motivation New Running Tech: Smart Sneakers

New Running Tech: Smart Sneakers


The fitness world is entering a new phase of technology wearables. Running technologies, like GPS watches and running apps, have largely revolved around the adding more fitness equipment. However, at the 2016 Consumer Electronics Show (CES), companies, such as Under Armour have returned consumer focus back to the basics: the running shoe.

On January 5th at the CES in Las Vegas, Under Armour announced the upcoming release of its first smart sneaker. On February 29th, Under Armour’s “Speedform Gemini 2” will hit the market. Retailing for $150, the Speedform monitors a runner’s pace, distance and stride length. To boot, the running shoe differentiates running from walking, holding the ability to save battery life when not active during a workout. In fact, according to Under Armour, runner’s can expect to reach up to 450 miles with the show before their “life” is up.

At CES, Under Armour also launched a product bundle, valued at over $400, including wireless headphones and a scale equipped with Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. While available separately, this “HealthBox” is a milestone for the company, growing their presence in the newfound digital fitness community. What is more, Under Armour announced a new partnership with IBM, whose Watson computer has the potential to provide individual personalized coaching via the UA Record app.

Kevin Plank, CEO and founder of Under Armour, recently released a statement, “For 20 years, Under Armour has changed the way athletes dress and now we will change the way athletes live.”


Would you buy a “smart” running shoe – as an alternative to other wearables, such as running watches?