Motivation Pamela Dransfield meets the ECCO Biom Lite

Pamela Dransfield meets the ECCO Biom Lite


“iRun to age with strength and grace” ~Pamela Dransfield

Pamela’s first impressions of her ECCO Biom Lite:

The day I received my shoes I had gone to a physiotherapy appointment, ironically, for some foot and calf troubles I’ve been having. I had actually been thinking as I drove away from the house “I wonder what they will do if I am not home when they come to deliver those shoes. I guess I would have to go pick them up at the courier depot.” Well, no need to worry as there was the smallish brown cardboard box on the front step when I pulled into the driveway about an hour later. I brought the box inside with a sense of excited anticipation, and looked around for the perfect spot in which to open the box. Finally, I took it out to the sunroom at the back of the house, so I would have the best light in which to see my lovely new shoes. I opened the shipping box, then the shoe box, and slowly peeled away the tissue paper inside to reveal those whose arrival I’d been so anxiously awaiting. They looked lovely. They smelled lovely. Even our Boston Terrier, Boris, needed to give them a sniff – but not a taste! I held them up to the light and turned them over in my hands. “This is a nice looking shoe,” I thought to myself, “and who can argue with a hot pink sole?” I didn’t have a workout planned for the day, but all the same, I put them on, laced them up and walked around the house. The uppers are so supple, it felt like I was wearing blocks of butter, and they felt gently supportive. I wore them around the house for the rest of the afternoon, removing them only when I had to go out again that evening, not wanting their precious hot pink soles to be besmirched by the outdoors. By then, I was looking forward to our first workout together.