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    Racing for Training


    I had no profound thoughts or experiences on my long run this week. (Plodding along for multiple hours usually triggers some deep thoughts on my end.)

    That probably had something to do with the route. I’ve been running on trails for my longer runs lately (easier on the knees and much more enjoyable than my gruelingly hilly neighbourhood), but freezing temps and freezing rain and snow have made them unfit for running this week. So I trudged up the steep hills and shuffled down the winding hills and eventually, made it to the halfway point with tired legs and hot knees, only to turn around and run home.

    I hit my 3k to go slump again this week, and stopped at the bottom of my neighbourhood (yes, I live at the top of a hill, sigh) (also: Gah! Halifax! So. Many. Hills.) looking up. Took a deep breath and started running again.

    Next week’s long run is the Halifax Hypothermic Half, which should be fun. A new route with the added bonus of race-day adrenaline. I have a goal time in mind, but I know that this race will be especially weather dependent. Apparently, a lot of the route is on a trail. Outside factors (snow storm, freezing temperatures, trail conditions) will all affect the speed at which we all run. This is just a fun race, after all, a lively way to spruce up my training. Regardless of the time on my clock, I think a race is a great way to keep training exciting.

    So what about you? Has anyone out there run any Hypothermic Halfs? Is anyone running in Halifax next weekend? How are you keeping yourself moving through these cold months? Let me know your tips, so that I won’t lose my motivation either!


    1. No Hypothermic Halfs over here but I am running the Winterman 10K. I’m also struggling to get going again. After my last major race (Army half in September), the slacking off has been nothing short of epic. Both brain and body are rebelling at present.

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