Training Reconnect with your sole mate

Reconnect with your sole mate


Its easy to let that loving feeling between your and your mate slip away. But rekindling the flames might be a simple as lacking up your kicks together. According to the experts sweating it out with your sweetheart will not only improve your connection but it will also help you both stick with your training goals. Here are five very good reason to pull your love muffin off the couch, head out the door and hit the road (or even treadmill) together.


Stop cheating.
How can you slough off that tempo run when one of you is lacing up too? You just can’t. Whether you’re sharing a play-by-play of your days, discussing his weekend ski trip or planning for your future together, as you pound the pavement together, this for you to both reconnect with each other, share your day and play for the future. At the very least, you’ll both feel happier that you’ve stuck with your running schedule.

Enter your happy place.
According to research, when it comes to making exercise a regular part of your routine, harkening back to a positive experience works in your favour. That means, having fun on your run today, will make it more likely you’ll be on the run together months from now. Even better? Running not only gets your heart pumping but your bodies will release endorphins, those feel-good chemicals that will put you in an even better post-run mood.

Take a unified approach.
As a dynamic duo you’re stronger than you know. What’s more, making a joint commitment is a healthy approach that makes you feel a part of a team. And who better to be on a winning team with than your significant other? Exactly. On days that you might not be feeling it, chances are your better half will help get you out the door. Plus, your teamwork here will probably give you both a little more insight into what will motivate you to work in tandem in other areas of our life—like say that pile of laundry or recycling that’s not getting emptied.

Focus on anger management.

Sure you could yell, scream and holler in a fit of frustration. Sometimes that’s to be expected. But if you both want to avoid the outburst all together,focusing the negative emotions you’re feeling towards your running rather than one another, might be a better way. And there’s no reason to abandon your running mate entirely. Cue up your playlist or agree to run in silence and who knows, by the end of you run, you both may even feel like talking again.

Fall in love again.
According to researchers, sweating together will rekindle your romance. When you think about it, the science behind it is pretty simple. Running increases your heart rate and causes your body to sweat, two key physical responses similar to feelings romantic attraction. Chances are, your running routine will reignite that romantic spark between the two of you.

You’re already sharing so many other aspects of your life. Why not give your relationship a healthy boost with the benefit of a running routine? You’ll likely find you’re connecting in a whole new way.