No Category selected Refuel the easy way – in Canada

    Refuel the easy way – in Canada


    Considering buying your gels, chews, bars and sports drinks in bulk?  You might want to check out – a brand new online store that launched about a month ago and is dedicated to all things fuelling.

    Since it is a Canadian company based in Montreal, all pricing is in Canadian funds and there will be no delays at customs or surprise duty fees.  According to the Testimonials, delivery is fast, and there’s even a satisfaction guarantee.  They also call out all of their gluten-free products on one page so they’re easy to find.

    Why an online store dedicated just to fuelling?

    According to the site, founder Sean Young started the site because he was sick of having to drive to multiple stores to get everything he needed for workouts and recovery, and thought athletes could use a service where they’re all in one place.

    “I created to make our lives easier, to buy us time, and to save our cars for more important things,” said Young.  “When you’re trying to cram 15 hours of training into an already jam-packed week, the absolute last thing you want to do is run out to the store to stock up on fuel for your weekend workouts.”