Motivation Saucony’s Triumph ISO is a flexible fit

Saucony’s Triumph ISO is a flexible fit


9.0oz; 29mm heel; 21mm toe; designed for road or track; high arch; neutral, cushioning profile

With the spring racing season kicking into high gear, for the April issue of iRun Carrie Snyder tested out multiple pairs of shoes, and gave the rundown on the top picks. And remember always test out any pair before you make your final decision.

By Carrie Snyder, Photo by Darren Calabrese

THE RUNDOWN: “You finally found a shoe as bright as your sweatshirt,” observed my trainer, Phil, who likes to bug me about the fluorescent yellow garment in which I frequently turn up for boot camp. And it’s true. This shoe will knock your eye out. It’s become my go-to shoe for boot camp and spin class — the thick sole, though quite pliable, offers just the right amount of support for the foot. I really like running in this shoe too: it’s got a comfortable, cushy feel, and fits snugly around the ball of the foot. The lacing is slightly eccentric, with a support cage that “floats” over the body of the shoe, which apparently allows for a “foot-hugging feel” (so says the marketing material). Overall, I feel speedy and contained (or perhaps hugged) and definitely highly visible when running in this shoe.


  1. […] will be running my full piece in their next print edition, which comes out soon, but meanwhile, here’s a link to one of the shoe reviews posted online earlier this week. It’s for the Saucony Triumph ISO, a shoe I liked a lot and continue to wear often. (Side […]

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