Gear Shoe review: The ASICS Kinsei Blast

Shoe review: The ASICS Kinsei Blast


I’d never personally experienced the ASICS Kinsei line, but heard other runners praise the comfort of the shoe. The newest Blast does not disappoint! From the breathable material, to the soft tongue and roomy toe, this shoe truly fits like a glove. My experience with ASICS in the past has been more functional than stylish, but I was pleasantly surprised when I pulled the sleek white and turquoise design out of the box, and even more impressed when I effortlessly slipped them on. The upper of the shoe is undoubtedly the most comfortable, and breathable, of the brand that I’ve ever experienced.

Weighing 11.9 ounces and for a cost of $185US, the Kinsei Blast, part of the groundbreaking Kinsei line and just one of the many hot new ASICS shoes coming out this summer and fall, is a star. The shoe is cushioned, supportive, and fast. Me? I’m always on the go. I’m currently training for the Boston marathon in the fall, running 100+ km weeks. I slot runs in early mornings, on lunch breaks, or late evenings, pre a big dinner refuel! My runs vary from short and speedy to longer recoveries and now a more hybrid style, where I slot a few kms of tempo-based work in a longer run. For me, versatility in my go-to shoe is key. I run with the BlackToe Race Team in Toronto, and also teach spin at SPINCO, so I’m always seeking a shoe that is functional and versatile, but also light and stylish!

I sported the Kinsei Blasts for a longer tempo run, to test both the speed and stability of the shoe—they scored an A+ in both categories! The gel through the mid-to-heel of the shoe created a cushiony and supportive landing while providing equal explosion and spring in the toe-off. I am a heel striker, and found the gel in the back of the shoe to absorb the shock and sharp feeling I often get in other speed and performance runners. It’s so hard to find the perfect balance between a shoe to turn up the speed on a tempo run while minimizing injury for a longer session of speed work mid-marathon build. ASICS optimized both with the latest model on the Gel-Kinsei, and seemed to have cracked the impossible: a speedy, lightweight—yet durable—trusted runner.

Well done!


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