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    Staying Safe on Mountain Runs


    Going for a run in the mountains can be one of the most rewarding experiences, but it can also be a bit scary if you’re not adequately prepared.  Taking a page out of some of the gear requirements for various mountain races I do, this is a suggested list of things to pack along.  If you do it right, these can all fit in your hands or a small waist belt or hydration pack.

    • Water – definitely take water for any run or hike that is more than an hour.  You never know where you’ll be able to find water on the trail (likely nowhere unless you don’t mind drinking from streams) so it’s good to have a supply.
    • Bear Spray – if you’re in the western mountains you can’t go wrong with a can of bear spray.  Make sure you get somebody to explain how to use it safely.  This is normally a last resort in case you encounter a bear, cougar or other animal that is being aggressive so this will be something you carry and hope to never use.
    • First Aid Kit – I normally take a mini kit that includes a knife, space blanket and a bit of gauze or something.
    • Hat and jacket – It’s great to get a mini hat and jacket that you can pack along.  When you get into the mountains the weather will change with elevation and may also change unexpectedly – it’s just good to be prepared!


    Born in Nova Scotia and emigrating to British Columbia via Ontario and Alberta, Magi has been running the entire way. Primarily defined as a cross country ski racer, Magi has competed nationally and internationally in that sport. The highlight of her career was competing in the World University Games and the World Cup races in Canada in 2007. Cross country skiers rely heavily on running for cross training and Magi has become an accomplished trail and mountain runner, representing Canada at the World Mountain Running Championships in 2005 and the winning numerous national championships medals.

    Today Magi runs for fun… and it’s a lot of fun! Epic mountain runs, city cruises with friends, and more keep her happy and occupied outside of work and school.


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