at the races The Boston Marathon is cancelled. Event to be held virtually.

The Boston Marathon is cancelled. Event to be held virtually.


In an announcement today the running world was waiting on, the Boston Athletic Association has announced that their 124th annual event, rescheduled from Patriot’s Day to September, will now be a virtual run.

“Our top priority continues to be safeguarding the health of the community, as well as our staff, participants, volunteers, spectators, and supporters,” said Tom Grilk, C.E.O. of the B.A.A.

Registered participants will be offered full refunds and the opportunity to participate in the virtual event. The virtual event will be held between September 7 and 14. The press release says, “While we cannot bring the world to Boston in September, we plan to bring Boston to the world for an historic 124th Boston Marathon.”

Also, the press release featured this exchange:

(Q) Can I use my 2020 Boston Marathon qualifying time for the 2021 Boston Marathon?
(A) Yes. The B.A.A. is reviewing all specifics involved in the registration procedure for the 2021 Boston Marathon, and additional details related to both the qualifying window and registration dates for the 2021 Boston Marathon will be announced and posted in the coming weeks.

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