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The Most Delicious Post-Run Eats in the World


Runners are a diverse bunch, but take any runners anywhere in the world and you’ll generally find a consensus: there’s almost no greater pleasure in the universe than whatever it is we eat after we run. In the name of defying COVID, trucker strikes and winter, we dedicate this story to pure blissful pleasure: the foods enjoyed after a race or even a training run, the prize for crossing a finish line. Now, this weekend, some runners might be watching the Super Bowl, can we recommend some of these delicacies for the big game?

Many, many readers spoke of the blissful taste of a post-run burger and fries. “The Works Restaurant in Ottawa, burger and fries. I ate it after my 21K,” wrote one reader. While the great Heather Gardner said: “Burger and shake!” and posted, below, this satisfied photograph.

We heard runners proclaim the greatness of soft pretzels, spaghetti and meatballs—which also works the night before a run, chips, onion rings, and Kentucky fried french fries in ranch dressing, which, I don’t know exactly what that is, but I certainly want to find out—after my run. “After a race, I like to go out for a late breakfast of eggs, home fries, and toast, with coffee, of course! It never tastes better!” one runner said, and you’d be amazed how many runners eat celebratory donuts.

Who doesn’t love a donut? I may have a whole collection of post-race donut pics.”

(Below is an example of Tina’s post-race donut picture).

It’s fun to run because, afterwards, we treat ourselves. We should be treating ourselves anyways, but the running seems to give us a license to delight. A license to eat. A license to splurge. Readers talked about going to McDonalds, to Subway, to Dairy Queen, to feasting on nachos and, in the same vein, lots of are great racers across the country proclaimed their love of post-run poutine. Here’s a call-out to a homemade recipe. “Sometimes with squeaky cheese, but sometimes I don’t have any and my poutine is still pretty good—the homemade sausage is my special touch.”

Lots of runners spoke about eating chocolate, whether it was chocolate ice cream or chocolate milk, and I love the readers who mentioned pizza, brunch, New York cheesecake, and both cinnamon buns and hot wings scored lots of votes for favourite post-race food. I think, however, if there was one winner for the most common post-race treat, it wouldn’t be a food, but a liquid. Of course that liquid was beer. “A beer after a 20K run at the nearest pub,” wrote one reader. “It’s not food, but it’s delicious.”

Maybe my favourite response was this one, but I can’t share a picture.

Question: What’s your favourite post-race treat?

Answer: “Beer, always—in the shower!!”

What do you eat after a run? And: what will you be eating at the Super Bowl? Share your tips in the comments and below and let’s make runner’s mouths water across the country.