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The Reebok Holiday Gift Guide


From the best running shoes to the warmest tights to the perfect face mask to just an old-fashioned pair of cool-looking kicks, Reebok has everything you need to keep the athlete in your life active this holiday season. Below, a selection of greatest hits, and please note: each product name is hyperlinked to the Reebok site where the goods can be purchased. Happy holidays!

Reebok Forever Floatride Grow

  • The Forever Floatride Grow is one of the world’s first plant-based performance running shoes. Made with eucalyptus bark, bloom algae, castor bean oil and natural rubber, this shoe is crafted with both your run and our planet in mind. Because going sustainable shouldn’t mean compromising on quality, $150 CAD 
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Reebok Floatride Energy Symmetros Running Shoes

  • Whether you’re circling the track or weaving through commuters on city sidewalks, these men’s running shoes are designed to do it all. A breathable mesh upper keeps your feet cool, and the lightweight midsole cushions each step of your long runs, intervals and everything in between, $160 CAD.
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Reebok PureMove Leggings

  • These women’s leggings are designed to complement your body’s unique shape. Motion Sense Technology provides targeted support that adapts to your movement. The fabric firms up during high-impact activities and relaxes during low-impact activities. The wide, high-rise waist offers full coverage and a flattering fit, $110 CAD.
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Reebok Workout Ready Active Backpack

  • Everything in its place. This backpack features two main compartments to keep your daily routine organized. A padded sleeve provides a place for your laptop while slip-in side pockets hold your wallet or a water bottle, $45 CAD.
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Reebok Club C 85

  • The Reebok Club C 85 has been unapologetically authentic since 1985. Club C’s original look has endured for decades and is an iconic wardrobe staple of any trendsetter, $95 CAD. 
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Reebok Logo Beanie

  • This ribbed, all-cotton beanie is designed to keep you warm in a chilly gym, $22 CAD.
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Reebok Face Covers

  • Made with soft, breathable fabric the Reebok Face Cover is comfortable, washable and reusable for practicing healthy habits every day. This cover is not a medically graded mask nor a Personal Protective Equipment but can help prevent the spread of viruses and germs through droplet transmission, $28.
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