Community The Trillium Running Podcast – Striving towards an inclusive running community

The Trillium Running Podcast – Striving towards an inclusive running community


As a teacher and advocate for equity and inclusivity in the education system, I have strived to use this power and privilege to bring awareness to the injustices in our school system, dismantle them and be a part of making the world a better place.

In running, I have a place where I belong.  It is a welcoming community that embraces every person, including myself. 

As the host of the Trillium Running Podcast, partnering with Athletics Ontario we will strive to use the podcast platform and outlet to make our running community a better place.  With the podcast, Athletics Ontario presents me with the position to speak with runners, race directors, volunteers and others in the fields of trail and road running about each individuals’ experiences in our running community.  It will be an important opportunity to reach those that we are not already reaching and to listen and give voice to the underrepresented members of our community.

February 3, 2022

We will have the pleasure to interview athletes such as Canadian Olympians Reid Coolsaet and Paul Osland, endurance athlete such as Jessica Kuepfer, race directors like Jeff Rowthorn of Happy Trails Racing and Charlotte Brookes of Canada Running Series, champions of inclusivity like the multi-talented Andre Morgan and Steel Town Athletic Club founder Vincent Kuber, and everyday runners like you and me. 

We strive to celebrate that everyone has a place in the Athletics community in Ontario. It is incumbent on those with power and privilege in this space to ensure that it truly is for all of us.  The Trillium Running Podcast, brought to you by Athletics Ontario  is our opportunity to bring our community forward. Together we will make  strides towards a thriving and inclusive running community in Ontario, where all people, all speeds, all terrains and all abilities are always welcome.

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