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    ‘Tis The Season For…Eating!


    By: Rhonda Eden

    With Christmas upon us it seems there is always more food around and more opportunities to be social…which usually means more food around!!!

    My wish for everyone this holiday season is that you take the time to enjoy the entire season which means ENJOYING the festive food!!  It seems when holidays come around there is an enormous amount of guilt that surrounds the “eating” part of the holidays – “there are too many BAD foods around.”

    Rather than thinking of foods in terms of GOOD and BAD let’s put everything on a level playing field and focus on enjoying a reasonable amount of everything.  Take the guilt and anxiety off your shoulders and listen to your body instead.  Enjoy some of everything and stop when you are satisfied.  Be in tune with your needs based on hunger, satiety and the pure enjoyment of the great food that is around.

    Tips for the holiday season:

    • Never go to a social outing really hungry – Hunger can equal overeating and eating without being in tune with your body’s true needs
    • Take a little of everything and check in with yourself when you are finished – Am I satisfied? If I were to go back for more what do I really want?
    • Don’t allow yourself to think of foods as GOOD and BAD – This mindset is a possible recipe for overeating, cravings, and resentful feelings
    • Make a plan – Take the time to plan out your week including your social calendar and meal plan so that when you are at home you ensure you are eating clean wholesome food.