No Category selected Wednesday, October 15, 2008

    Wednesday, October 15, 2008


    A little bit of speed endurance never scared me …. and what better way to start transitioning to train inside.
    200m (goal: 32s) <200m walk> 2 x 450m (goal at the 400m mark: 64s) <8-10m>

    As always, this work out was significantly harder to do than it was to read on paper.
    I swear, my body must have been missing lactic acid because once I reached my threshold – I – hit the wall – hard! Even my eyes were feeling lactic … and that’s just not right.  Haha

    Thank goodness Coach Carla knew how to take the edge off.
    With what you ask?!
    A strength circuit filled with 6 med ball exercises and 10 more using your own weight – of course!!
    I just keep reminding myself … she knows what she’s doing!!  🙂