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    What have I learned?


    The following is a guest post from So you want to run a marathon, eh? runner Ryan Travers.

    Here I am, two weeks away from running my first marathon, thanks to iRun and the So You Want to Run a Marathon Eh? program.  My wife and I are proud of me sure, but what have I really learned.

    1. Let’s begin with the actual training.  I have learned that, with focus, dedication and some accountability you can and will improve your running.  I’m really glad this turned out to be true because I tell the high school cross country and track athletes I coach the same thing every year but know I can point to myself as proof.
    2. I have learned that it really is difficult to train properly for a marathon without the support of a loving partner who is willing to massage my sore legs and blistered/calloused feet after leaving her alone with an 8 and 6 year old for 4 plus hours.
    3. I have made two new friends without whom I would never have been able to get through the arduous training, especially on the very hot and humid days of mid-summer.  That’s right, you may know them, Gold Bond and Body Glide.  Our relationship is a deeply personal one on many levels.
    4. I have learned that it takes a very long time to go from blood blister under the toenail to the actual time the toenail falls off.  Three weeks and counting.  My kids do love the fact that I can lift the edge and they can see underneath “all the way to the back.”
    5. Finally, I have learned to be careful what you wish for.  While a marathon was not really on my bucket list, my wife thought it would be funny if I filled out the application when the call went out to the Gear Test Team.  Since she has done a marathon before I thought I would humour her.  Imagine my surprise when I was selected.


    All of these life lessons in about 10 weeks. I can honestly say I don’t regret it one bit.  I have met several new runners (albeit over Facebook) who are all first-timers and who I can’t wait to meet.  I have gained valuable insight into coaching which I am applying to my cross country team as we speak and soon (if all goes well) I will be able to say I’ve accomplished something very cool.  Thank you very much iRun for this opportunity.  See you in Toronto.