Motivation Wigwam Ultimax Ironman

Wigwam Ultimax Ironman


Reviewed by: Gaye Roberts

iRun because  (I read this somewhere just recently, so it’s not mine, but it fits me to a “T’)  Running isn’t a sport, it’s a lifestyle.  I subscribe to that wholeheartedly

Product:  Wigwam Ultimax Ironman F6012 Enduro Pro Ultralight socks

Product Category: Running Socks

Canadian MSRP: $11.00

Website : Wigwam Ultimax Ironman

Description: Ultimax® Pro…dry feet, no blisters, no odor. Ultralight, Breathable mesh air vents, Seamless toe closure

Pros: I received the socks one day before a short race.  I decided to try them out, right out of the package. They felt smooth, silky and soft as I slipped them on.  The fit was excellent and hugged the foot very nicely. These socks are thinner than I like to wear, and my forefoot was a bit loose in my shoe. I thought this would be a good way to test the “no blisters” claim. I must say, I was very pleased with how they ‘performed’. Although I could feel my feet slipping around a bit, there were no blisters at the end of the race. The seamless toe is a definite advantage for any runner!I didn’t actually test the “prevents odour” claim after the race, but my feet felt dry and comfortable after the race, which is unusual for me.I followed the directions of washing them inside out, and they came out white, silky soft and smooth.  After several washes, they still look like new.

Cons: There are no complaints about this sock.

Ideal for: Any level of runner.

Overall:  I can recommend these socks & I look forward to testing the 2 year guarantee

About the Reviewer:  I’ve been running since I was ‘forced’ into it in a university P.E. class way back in 1975, for grades.  So it’s been a long time!  I’ve had very few injuries, mostly because I’m a ‘shuffler’.  People always said you gotta raise your knees to go faster, but I never got it.  My best race was the Portland marathon, 1988: 3:02. Not bad for a 42 yr old!

I’ve done a couple of “short” ultras: 50 Km.  I haven’t done too many marathons (6), but many, many 1/2M, 10mi & 10 Km races.

One thing about getting older: less competition