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    Young iRunner – Cole Grossman


    Cole in his Running GearWhen Cole Grossman is not excelling at hockey, this 10 year old boy from Toronto who has discovered a new passion, is running. Cole and his father Ira were nice enough to share Cole’s story with us.

    Cole most recently ran the Toronto Marathon 5k where he finished 32nd overall and 2nd in the 24 and under category, not bad for a boy who just turned 10. Cole loves all the medals he is amassing, and he appears driven to the podium, always striving to finish top 3 in his age category. Cole’s parents are appreciative of the fact that he is active, he is fit, and he has a penchant for running and racing which he knows will translate well into many things down the road.

    For Cole’s parents, watching their son race gives them a thrill and excitement, and he has inspired them to run harder and strive for more. Cole’s father, Ira, has had the pleasure of running with Cole in almost every 5k race, but knows that at the rate Cole is progressing, Cole will be beating Ira within a few years. For now, they are simply enjoying the strong father-son bonding. This year’s Toronto Marathon 5k was the 1st race Cole did solo, from start to finish , and judging by his result, perhaps they were holding him back!

    Cole and Dad Starting Running June 2004

    In his own words, here is Cole’s Q & A session on Running:

    Q – What is your memory of your first run?

    A – On June 9 2004 I ran for the first time with my dad. I remember me and dad laughing. It was one of the best running days ever.

    Q – Why do you like running?

    A – I like running because I’m good at it. I love the feeling how fast I could go and I love passing people and its fun.

    Q – What do you think are your top 3 benefits for running?

    A – I think the top 3 benefits are:
    It makes me more fit.
    It makes me a better hockey player.
    When I am sad it makes me feel better.

    Q – Why do you like running 5k races?

    A – Because it’s a good distance for me an it’s my best distance.

    Q – What has been your favorite running race so far and why?

    A – So far my favorite race has been the Father’s Day race because I love running with my dad and this race is really special to me.

    Great words from our newest Young iRunner and a future star for sure! Keep your eyes out for Cole in the coming years as his passion for running flourishes into some great results and hopefully a lifetime of enjoying this great sport and pastime of ours!

    Best of luck to Cole with all of his running and athletic goals.

    ~ Dave



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    Vive les enfants!


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    1. I love this story – Cole you’re awesome! I love how running makes you feel better when you’re sad 😀

    2. I agree with Karen.

      I have a sore ankle today. I biked in to work as hard as I could. It made me feel better, but not as good as running does. Great story Cole!

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