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    Young iRunners – What’s Your Story?


    Hey kids – in my last post, I mentioned that we wanted to hear from you! We have a challenge that could earn you a fabulous iRun prize. See below for the details, but in the meantime, have a look at our first Young iRunner. A big thank you goes out to 6 year old Cassidy Smyth of Toronto, ON, for her story of why she loves running. [ Click the images to view larger ]

    Cassidy's Story - pt 1Cassidy's Story - pt 2

    Here is a photo of Cassidy taken before her recent “Run For the Cure” run in Toronto where Cassidy ran the 1km (her Grandmother is a “survivor”).

    Cassidy Smyth Run For The Cure 2011
    Cassidy Smyth Run For The Cure 2011

    The Challenge: Are you a young runner, or do you have a child that runs? I am looking to gather some stories for a future article. Whether your child is either just getting into running or really into the sport, either for recreation or competition, I’d love it if you could have them write about how they got started, why they like running and what their future running goals are. And for the adults out there, if you ran in your youth, I’d like to hear form you too. There is no minimum or maximum length for the stories but if it is a child, it should be in their own words and include their age and hometown. Adults, you can leave out the age part if you wish but do note what age you were when you ran as a youth. Some entries may be edited for space purposes.

    Optional: Include a photo, either posing or ‘on the run’ for inclusion on this blog.

    Email stories and photos to

    I look forward to more submissions!

    Vive les enfants!


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    Your voice counts as well – If you have any questions or topics you’d like to see addressed please leave a comment or email me at dave @ beachesrunner . com


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