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How Running Helped ToDoToronto Grow to 750,000 Followers on Instagram

My name is Conrad Wong and I’ve been running almost everyday since the start of COVID. My life was good and average. I could...

Once You Reach Your Goal Weight, What Do You Do?

Do you celebrate by eating the biggest piece of cake you can find after reaching your goal weight? Do you try to gain all...

Oh so Useful Winter Running Essentials

I have to confess, a lot of my essential winter running gear is old. They’ve been in races and runs that have dipped to...

iRun Endorses: the On-the-Run Exploration

Growing up as a three-culture kid amidst the vibrant landscapes of Brazil, Canada, and Italy, my passion for exploring and navigating unfamiliar territories followed...

How to Make it Through Dry January’s Final Stretch, and Beyond

In case anyone needs to hear this, Dry January is not for the faint of heart. Every year at this time, I get emails...



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