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Friday, September 24, 2021


New songs to download right now for your next run

Anthony Wright is a producer, composer, musician, videographer—and Runner. In December 2019, he was in a wheelchair with a shattered ankle, and...

The adidas 4DFWD Reviewed By Reid Coolsaet

There are a lot of 3D printed products out there and most look as though they could have easily been made without...

Is it a bad look for running when I run around shirtless?

Divisive as it, running without a shirt feels so good. Of course, we can't always do whatever feels good, ignoring the feelings...

Fighting demons and talking sport psychology

The pot lid has stopped rattling and the boil has come to a simmer. My thoughts are more ordered now after my...

Five Takeaways from the Marathon at the Tokyo Olympics

I hope everyone enjoyed the final weekend of Tokyo 2020. The marathons are my favourite events to watch. They are always filled...