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Music is a huge part of what we experience as runners. It motivates, stimulates, and sometimes, just helps us zone out. As part of our ongoing commitment to your full spectrum of life as a runner, we’re going to be updating play lists for you each week. Expect guest DJs, including Katy Perry, the Black Keys and Ghostface Killah, and Stephen McGrath, communications expert at the legendary Massey Hall, who will be curating our music coverage moving forward. Rock on, people. Enjoy the run.

Music News

Tortured Poets Department Taylor Swift Running Playlist

Making a running playlist takes me longer than the actual run itself. Some people pick songs based on having the beat match their pace,...

Top Ten Tom Petty Running Songs, chosen by Tommy Youngsteen!

Tommy Youngsteen is Canada's definitive rock 'n' roll cover band, playing sold-out shows to the tunes of Bruce Springsteen, Fleetwood Mac and, for our...

iRun for Fun Playlist

Running and music, they go together perfectly and for me these are my two big loves in life. Both can take you...

Music from Home, my running playlist

Caroline Marie Brooks (one-third of Good Lovelies) just released her debut solo album, Everything at the Same Time, and it’s an album made during...

A New Anthem for the Oldest Road Race in North America

There are many reasons participation in the oldest road race in North America is a MUST do event this year.

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