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    iRun for Fun Playlist


    Running and music, they go together perfectly and for me these are my two big loves in life. Both can take you to amazing places without having to move very far.

    I, like most runners, will quickly begin to match their footfalls with the song’s pace or beat. For this reason I like to pick the music that will best suit the run I’m going to go on. This is also important to note why it’s not recommended to race with music, as the song can affect your pace. Especially for easy runs, I try to make sure the beat shifts slightly, so I don’t fall into the same trot for the entire run. Changing your pace during a run can help ward off overuse injuries and boredom. 

    Some of my top songs I listen to are:

    Run by Daughter – This one is always on my playlist. It’s a great slow and moody song that has a great cadence to it. I find I fall into a perfect running rhythm as soon as this song comes on.

    Lonely Highway Night by Matt Mays – This song has a fast-paced country beat that puts a little pep in my step and can change a bad mood to a good mood during a run. It also has the perfect beat to run to if you are looking for a zippy easy run.

    The Party Line by Belle and Sebastien – I love this song because it’s so different from any other of their songs. It’s got a 70’s retro sound that puts a smile on my face.

    When we smile when we run, there is no pain.

    Up All Night by Beck – For the same reason I love Party Line, Up All Night has a great beat to run to. It’s consistent and matching your footfalls to the beat, will put you in a 4:40-4:50/km pace.

    Quitting You (Campfire Chords) by Arkells – I like this song to slow things down a bit and change the pace of my run and enjoy listening to the songs story and forget about the run.

    The Rest of My Life by Sloan – As you can see, I love my Canadian music. I can’t have a playlist without Sloan on it. This song is so Canadian but it’s a great song to run to. It changes pace and if you are like me and you follow the pace of the music, this song helps to keep you from plodding along at one pace but encourages you to change it up every verse.

    Fake Empire by The National – This song starts slow and continues to build. I love running to this song because musically it’s a beautiful piece to fully listen to without any distraction and you can do that when you run.

    Sun King by The Cult – The Cult delivers high energy rock ‘n’ roll. This is a great song to add to a playlist where you need to spice up your pace and hold a faster interval. Lyrically there isn’t much to listen to, so it’s a good song to get lost in the rhythm of the music.

    Meet Me in The Woods by Lord Huron – I absolutely love when this song comes up in my playlist. The beat of the song is perfect for running too due to its imagery. If I’m running along the waterfront and the scenery sucks, this song lets me imagine I’m in the woods, surrounded by nature.

    Title Holder by The Interrupters – This song (in fact, the album, Fight the Good Fight) is my speed workout song / album. Any ska beat music will automatically get you moving faster. I do all my super-fast running to this band, because the songs are fun, upbeat and make you want to move fast. 

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