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The Joy of Sox


Socks in the wintertime are everything. They’re the difference between enjoying your run in frigid temperatures and being miserable. I have great socks from Decathlon, the Running Room, and Nike and, quite honestly, they have kept me on the paths in 2022. We asked readers to talk about their favourite socks and would sincerely like to encourage everyone shopping for a runner’s Valentine Day’s gift to consider the cozy winter run socks. Here are some socks for your mind.

Dad and I love CEP long compression socks! This, pictured above, was my fiftieth marathon and I refuse to run a race without them! Dad likes to rock the single side compression.” He says, “Well, then the pair lasts twice as long.” The socks do indeed matter!”

Another reader said: “My favourites are Darn Tough and Icebreaker. Smartwool has declined in quality the last few years but they are a close third.”

“I absolutely love my Mizuno Breathe Thermo socks for winter running,” wrote one reader. “They stay toasty no matter what. For all other running its Smartwool socks.”

Smartwool and Darn Tough received many nods from our readers, as well as a brand I’d never heard of. Apparently the Running Room sells Feetures, and they also advertise a lot on Facebook.

This is what Feetures look like.

I love my Feetures,” another reader said. “They are great wool socks, not too thick. Socks definitely matter. The wrong sock and I’ll have blisters on my heel and in between my toes.

Endur received a lot of votes, a company I’m not familiar with. But one company whose socks I do love was popular amongst our readers. “Lululemon running socks have definitely lasted the longest for me. I’ve tried everything and Lulu are by far my fav. Second are Nike Elite. Both fit well and are comfortable, as long as you know your size. Pricy, but worth it.”

Reid Coolsaet, who we quote often, once told me he thought socks didn’t matter. But only on this one point I’ll challenge the Canadian Olympian. Many runners agreed with me, not Reid, and bemoaned a sock that’s not longer being made. “Ah, The Joy of Sox! I will only wear Wright Socks Silver Elite. They have discontinued the specific ones I wear. Fortunately I have a store of about 40 pairs in stock!”

How many socks do you need? Who makes the absolute best pair? Everyone has their own preference. But, I implore you, as a fellow runner, gets yourself some socks for Valentine’s Day. Before they’re all gone. “Running Room used to make the perfect double-layer sock,” wrote one reader. “Because they were double-layer, they were virtually indestructible—hence why they became discontinued.