Mind and Body Edibles for Runners

    Edibles for Runners


    Maybe the last time you tried cannabis you were in college and someone passed you a joint. Or: maybe you’re an experienced user and know everything there is to know about weed and have experimented with the new products since Canada legalized pot on October 17, 2018. Either way, for runners, there’s a whole new slew of recreational products in the cannabis market that can either help you sleep, reduce inflammation, or just give you a buzz after your race, and help you ponder the universe while you wait for your chicken to bake (dig the pun?). 

    Here’s a list of some recommended legal cannabis adult-only products in the market that don’t require smoking, can be taken at a low dose, are low in calories, inexpensive, and, unlike alcohol, won’t leave you miserable the next day

    Wana Quick, Orchard Peach, 10mgTHC per package

    A common concern with cannabis edibles is: when will this thing work? And then, when it does, you realize: uh, oh. It works too well. Wana Quick is fast-acting, which takes the guesswork out of the experience, and they’re also vegan and gluten-free. There’s a hybrid version of Wana Quick, a 1:1 CBD-THC ratio, which also blunts the psychoactive experience—an edible with training wheels. Each package contains two 5mg pieces, take one, let it hit you, run the bath after your workout, and see how you’ll never again reach out for your wine. 

    Spinach Feelz, Pineapple Starfruit, 10mgTHC, 5mgCBG

    Just when you were getting your head around CBD, the non-psychoactive molecule in cannabis, CRONOS Group, the maker of the Spinach brand, introduces CBG—a new cannabis compound that creates a new cannabis category: it delivers a happy and relaxed experience. The product is a one-of-a-kind edible cannabis gummy that’s designed for the wellness market—the buzz is non-threatening, tingly, warm. Tastes good, too. We’ll write more on CBG in our next cannabis story.

    TWD, Mixed Berry Soft Chews, 10mgTHC, 0-1mgCBD

    These edibles, from Canopy Growth, are nice because they come in a package of five gummy pieces at 3.5mg doses. If you’re buying a 10mg package, the legal limit, most companies offer two pieces of candy at 5mg each. But 3.5mg is a nice starter dosage, and you don’t have to split a small candy with your teeth. Slightly elevate your mood without rendering yourself incapable of checking Strava, the Mixed Berry Soft Chews from Canopy are a great introduction to the company, one of the biggest in the country, who also makes drinks—which we’ll get to later. For now, try the gummy: watch how much better you stretch.

    Foray, Cinnamon Bun Chocolate Square, 10mgTHC, 10mgCBD

    If you haven’t checked on the flavours available in the legal cannabis market recently, prepare to have your mind blown: caramel apple, salted caramel, cinnamon bun—and these are just the ones made by Foray, which is produced by the company Auxly, having a tremendous year. Foray is designed by Auxly as an entry-level cannabis product, heavy on the flavour, heavy on the CBD. The company is innovative with taste and textures and their science-first approach has challenged preconceived notions of what an edible can be. Date night? Valentine’s Day alone? Half a piece of the Cinnamon Bun Chocolate Square will have you composing training plans by candlelight on your Instagram

    MediPharms, CBN:CBD, 1:2CBN:CBN

    “Relax formula,” the name of this oil from MediPharm Labs, is produced by the company that often wins prizes for CBD of the Year. Almost a medical brand, the products from MediPharm, oils designed for sleep or else concentration, elevate the category and are right for a runner not interested in eating chocolate or candy. By using an oil through a dropper syringe, this clean application that just gets dosed under the tongue, is seamless and reliably-dosed: it’s hard to hit your run when you’re exhausted from insomnia. The nighttime formula from MediPharm mixing CBD and CBN is, for this runner, preferable to a traditional sleeping pill

    Truss, Little Victory, 2.5mgTHC, 2.5mgCBD 

    I said we weren’t going to get into beverages yet, but why limit ourselves in February during a pandemic? Every runner knows that it’s the little victories on our way to the big ones that help us achieve the results we want. This drink—dry grapefruit, sparkling dark cherry or else blood orange—is made with real fruit, naturally-sweetened, and fizzy, like a White Claw but minus the booze with a little bit of weed. Truss is the leader in cannabis beverages and offers lots of varieties, but the Little Victory is so sweet for runners—by celebrating tiny successes in February, we can do big things in May.   

    The Green Organic Dutchman, Ripple, dissolvable balanced powder, 10mgTHC, 10mgCBD

    This is a cool product, made organically, which is unlike 99% of the cannabis goods on the shelf. Ripple is a cannabis powder and available in different solutions, either 10mg of THC, or else a balanced mix of THC and CBD, which we recommend for an introductory hit. If you’re looking for a baby step into cannabis usage, a tiny sprinkle of Ripple added to your Thursday night cocktail, or else post-run Smoothie, transforms the experience, subtly, into a vacation from the humdrum. It also asks quickly so no annoying, heart-racing moment of, Does this thing work? 

    If you’re trying any of these products, obviously keep them far away from children, and please only take a little bit at first. The new cannabis products on shelves are not what you might remember from college. So seek out change, because change is good.