Community Music from Home, my running playlist

    Music from Home, my running playlist


    Caroline Marie Brooks (one-third of Good Lovelies) just released her debut solo album, Everything at the Same Time, and it’s an album made during the pandemic, recorded and co-produced with her dear friend Jim Bryson at his Fixed Hinge studio (Stittsville, ON), Dream Date studio (Toronto, ON), and across southern Ontario at many of the featured musicians’ homes. A longtime friend of iRun, Brooks, pictured at the Picton Half Marathon, is a runner and walker and all-around good egg. Here, ahead of her live stream virtual concert on October 17, she picks her ten favourite running tunes from influential Canadian artists in a playlist she calls: Music from Home. “Here are some songs that remind me of home, that give me joy, and help me through the ups and downs—mostly ups!—of running.”

    Lido Pimienta, Eso Que Tu Haces

    Lido has one of the most beautiful voices on the planet. This is, for me, a perfect warm up song. I’ve been working through some knee issues for the last few years, so I have to start slow and gentle and warm up well before hitting my stride. This tune suits that vibe.

    Chiiild, Gone

    I have to be careful where I put this on the playlist on a run because guaranteed I’ll change my stride to hit that beat, or even just start dancing mid run! It’s laid back and guaranteed to have me taking in my surroundings with open eyes. I love that feeling.

    Charlotte Cornfield, Partner in Crime

    “Partner in Crime” is from Charlotte’s upcoming record High in the Minutes. I love the steadiness of this song, it builds gently but keeps this meditative pace.

    Tim Baker, All Hands

    Tim Baker is known for his work with Hey Rosetta, and his 2019 record Forever Overhead is a total banger. “All Hands” is such a joyful and peppy song. I cannot contain myself from singing along to this while out on runs—I can’t imagine how that sounds to passersby but it’s fun as hell for me!

    Jim Bryson & The Weakerthans, Wild Folk

    I’ve got SO MUCH LOVE for Jim Bryson. He has been a huge part of my life and career, and when I made my most recent album I knew I’d want him at the helm as co-producer.  Back in 2010 he made a gorgeous record with The Weakerthans and I love the pacing of the tune “Wild Folk.”

    Liz Stringer, Dangerous 

    Liz is Australian but spends a lot of her life in Canada. Her album First Time Really Feeling came out mid-pandemic and became the soundtrack to my days. The song “Dangerous” just hits me in the gut and gets me moving fast and hard. Pay close attention to the lyrics…they are masterful.

    The Halluci Nation, Tanokumbia (feat. El Dusty & Black Bear)

    HIT THAT STRIDE. Such a fun tune, with a killer beat. As someone who often listens to albums in full order, One More Saturday Night would be a killer running record on its own. Full of jams and special guests. Perfect running album.

    James Baley, Banishment (feat. Twysted Miyake-Mugler)

    I mean the opening lyrics to this song are “Run, Bi*ch, run,” so need I say more? James recently released a collection of songs called A Story. He’s a force of nature, and is taking centre stage. What I like about this song is that it is a good transition into cool down.

    July Talk
    , Champagne (feat. James Baley & Kyla Charter)

    This is such a great cool-down song, which I love mostly because of all the beautiful and varied voices that sing on this tune. In particular, I’m really into Kyla Charter’s voice. She’s got big things coming, and I’m looking forward to hearing what she comes up with as a solo artist.