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    10 Cool Tips for Those Frigid Days


    This blog took awhile; I had to do research! I’ve asked around to my running friends for some “cool tips.” Even Ray Zahab pitched in a few tips of his own for running in the cold. Do you have any we forgot to mention?

    In recent weeks living in Ottawa, Ontario, I’ve been reminded of all of the training changes that most us in Canada are going through, due to the change of season. On a few of my snowy runs I started to think about what routines I usually change in the winter. Also, what advice I’d offer someone for winter running. I knew some of my running friends in the community would have additional tips, they were kind enough to add their input here.

    Cool Tips:

    1) Micro-spikes for the awful days (packed snow/ice), smart wool socks, wind briefs. For every cold day.

    2) Stay hydrated – You will be colder if you aren’t well hydrated. -RZ

    3) Layer. That includes hands and body!!! -RZ

    4) Check the forecast when planning runs so you can optimize the sun, making the winter months more enjoyable.

    5) Run in the middle of the day as opposed to first thing in the morning. It’s sometimes 10 degrees warmer and often less windy.

    6) Often add to your running journal the temperature during your run. What you wore, and how you felt (cold/hot/just right). Then next time it’s that temperature, you’ll know the perfect amount of gear to wear to avoid overheating.

    7) Carry a cellphone more often, just in case you need to call home for a ride. It’s easier to fall, or get injured in the winter.

    8) If the ground in shining, it’s likely slippery. Try and navigate around shiny spots, easy to see in day and night.

    9) Wear reflective gear, and some lights. It’s dark a lot more, be easily visible.

    10) The winter months don’t have to be all about speed. Get the speed that you can in nice weather, but enjoy the strengthening benefits of the rigorous terrain that you’ll experience.

    These are a few tips I gathered from some running friends, in addition to my own advice. I can really appreciate all of them. As many as we had thought of, I’m sure that there are some we left out. Feel free to add any.

    There are some disadvantages to the cold. But as mentioned in my last blog (Winter is the Best Time to Run) more benefits in my opinion.after all, you can’t use running snowshoes in the summer. You’ve got to enjoy the change in training.

    What are your cool tips?

    Here’s to you and the perfect season!



    1. I hope we get snow soon so you can use these fantastic running snowshoes. Do you think Jax, your dog needs a pair….Lind and Pippa

    2. @Dave Great Bushtukah shopping for these!
      @Linda and Pippa, we’ll see1 Hopefully Jax can handle the snow without shoes! lol !

    3. Everyone should have this list at the beginning of the season. So many people end up with injuries during the winter months these should be on a fridge magnet!!!

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