Training 16 Reasons You Should Run a Tough Mudder in 2016

16 Reasons You Should Run a Tough Mudder in 2016


Designed to test your strength, stamina and true grit, Robyn Baldwin offers up some of the best reasons you need to add a Tough Mudder event to your race goals this year.

By Robyn Baldwin

16 You know exactly the face people make after going through Arctic Enema. Have you ever jumped into a cold lake, had an ice bath, or waited for public transport in -40 degree weather. Then you know this face but imagine it 10x worse after sliding or jumping into an ice bath during the race. Perfect for a hot summer day to cool the body off!

15 Because at what other race can you say you climbed Everest? Everest is a renowned obstacle that is a warped wall. What’s great about this obstacle is the teamwork required to conquer the obstacle. Once a Mudder is successful at getting to the top they turn around and catch other Mudders.

14 You understand the pain of Electroshock Therapy. The last obstacle at many Tough Mudders is a field of hanging wires. Some containing live wires with the capacity of delivering up to volts. I personally have bypassed this obstacle every year so I don’t think I can qualify as a true Mudder 😉

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13 Because who doesn’t want to crawl through a Birth Canal as an adult. This obstacle is a crawl with a plastic tarp containing water with red food colouring so as you guessed it mimics the beauty of a birth canal.

12 Because Walking the Plank will cure you of your fear of heights. A 15ft jump into water can be terrifying yet so rewarding.

11 Because you meet the best people along the course.

10 Because taking snapchats of your bruises or war wounds the next day is what all the cool kids are doing.

9 Those sexy muddy race shots. Enough said.

8 Because carrying a teammate in the wounded warrior carry creates more laughs and fun than any other obstacle. Piggybacks with friends are just plain fun.

7 After Mud Mile you find mud in places it never should be

6 Because working with teammates to scale the Berlin Walls feels so good

5 Because getting through mental challenges teaches you confidence. The first time I tackled a cage crawl (which involved lowering myself into a tunnel of water and having just a few inches for my face with a cage above it) challenged me mentally but was actually super simple to slide through and makes you feel so proud to make it through.

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4 You have an excuse to jump into mud puddles

3 Because you get a free beer after the run

2 You get to wear an orange headband to work on Monday after the race.

1 Because you can now call yourself a Mudder.