No Category selected 2 Updates – HaBay and Our Big Debut on the Runners’ Round...

    2 Updates – HaBay and Our Big Debut on the Runners’ Round Table


    VICKY: This is going to be AWESOME.

    GRANT: Word Up!  This is going to rule.

    VICKY: What are you talking about?   You’re not going to be at the Hamilton Around the Bay race this weekend with me and Karen Karnis right?

    GRANT: No.  I thought you were talking about our appearance on the Runners’ Round Table on Wednesday?

    VICKY: Oh yeah there’s that too.  What time is that at?

    GRANT: Wednesday at 5 PM EST.  We should tell our readers that they can log in at that time and participate in a live chat with us and some pretty cool runners from the Runners’ Round Table.

    VICKY: Yeah well either that or tune in to make fun at us trying to be cool while talking on live internet radio.

    GRANT: Relax, it’ll be fine. We’ll be talking about Born To Run, barefoot running and your favourite topic: why women are better ultrarunners.

    VICKY: Yeah, you’re right, I’m going to talk about how women kick ass.

    GRANT: So, about this weekend, you and Karen are going to run the oldest race in North America?

    VICKY: Well, like you, I’m training for the Ottawa Race Weekend  Half Marathon in May so I’m not ready for HaBay. However, Karen Karnis is running the 30K distance and I’ll be doing the 5K with a friend of mine. I’ll be at the finish line as well encouraging a few of my running friends. I’m so proud of them for running the grueling distance, battling the hill and plowing through when the famous Grim Reaper  runs beside them telling them they won’t finish the race.

    GrantReaper copy

    GRANT: Holy smokes, that’s pretty intense!

    VICKY: Hamilton folks are good like that 🙂 So, come join us even if you don’t run. It’ll be a great day and a great event. I’ll be the girl with the big smile and the red iRun t-shirt!

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    Self-described “running nerds,” Vicky and Grant are co-workers who “spend their lunch hours at the nearest bookstore and will often be seen around the office getting excited about a new energy bar or running gadget.” The duo captured our attention with their unique (double) take on Running Blog Idol, pledging to address a host of different topics including Canadian running heroes. Their submission to our contest even included a sample vlog (available at, which they promise is “but only a mere example of the lengths we are willing to go in order to share our experience, knowledge, research and general ramblings.” Holy multimedia, Batman!


    1. I saw the update on the Runners Roundtable website – 4pm for me but I’m going to try to “be there”!!

    2. That grim reaper is even scarier than I had been led to believe! 😉

      Looking forward to seeing you there, Vicky!

    3. I’m so excited – I got a pair of Five Fingers today and I LOVE them!! I had to order them in based on my foot length so I was nervous they might not fit but they’re amazing. Now, I just need to hold myself back and train my feet slowwwly…

    4. Great podcast! I did a slow 3 miles in my Vibrams tonite and absolutely loved it – it felt great! I’m pretty sure I’m not a heal striker though (land mid foot) so that might make for an easier transition? I could feel a difference in my legs and hips which was interesting. I have a sort of pinched nerve thing that has been going on in one leg since I started running so I’m curious if this will shift things. Anyway, tomorrow might be interesting.

      Love the book selections – I’m all for The Extra Mile as I have it and am also fascinated with the ultras! But I’m really for any and all of them! l’ve made note of some and will check in for the show notes as I didn’t catch them all. I am listening to 50/50 on my ipod for long runs – I am sooo loving the audiobook thing – it might just be the ticket for training for a full?!!

      I am loving the many directions this bookclub is going in! Great stuff!

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