Nutrition 5 Fantastic Super Healthy Super Bowl Snacks

5 Fantastic Super Healthy Super Bowl Snacks


The Super Bowl is traditionally a day for people to let loose, eat the fattiest, greasiest food and drink all the beer. In previous years I would gladly jump on that bandwagon (along with the bandwagon of the team with the best colour combination) but a few months ago I knew I needed a change.

By Alexa Lilius

After years of low energy due to poor diet I have finally committed to taking a real look at what I am eating and how it is affecting my body and mind. I now find that my meals mainly revolve around fueling my body with what it needs for my next run or workout rather than what I crave. Gone are the days of deep fried. That being said i’m still a super fan when it comes to flavour.If I were to have the Food runners ( #crewlove) over for a Superbowl party there would definitely have to be a balance between healthy eating and delicious food. And yes there will be wings!

Super Bowl Snacks ReDone 
Crudite: Who doesn’t love fresh veggies? Ranch dressing is out and hummus is in.


Runners Cobb Salad: Because you can make friends with salad! This one is my favorite to refuel with after a run.
Base: Arugula and some ripped green leafy lettuce
Raw Vegetables: Cucumbers, grated carrot, tomatoes
Protein: Hard boiled eggs, chicken, avocado and some roasted sweet potato.
Topping: My favorite thing to end a salad with is a handful of roasted pumpkin seeds which are a great antioxidant and high in vitamin E.
Dressing: Salad dressing is one of my favorite things to make. My favourite? A basic vinaigrette: Blend up balsamic, olive oil, mustard ,a tiny bit of maple syrup and squeeze half a lemon or lime.


Vegetarian Chili: Super Bowl just isn’t without chili. Beans have protein, and minced mushrooms can be a great meat alternative.

Pineapple Pulled Pork: I don’t eat a lot of bread these days but when I do I dream of this pulled pork on it. This slow cooker pork uses the natural sweetness of the pureed pineapple which is a great alternative to the overly sugary bbq sauce you would normally find with this dish.

Lemon Herb Grilled Wings: A twist on a classic Super Bowl staple. These wings are delicious simply seasoned, grilled and tossed in lemon zest and fresh herbs. If you are lucky enough to have a husband who makes cheese at home, brine these wings in whey.


Brownie Sundae: Don’t worry, you won’t find any chocolate in this dish. We would use Ipanema Valley compressed banana brownies and greek vanilla yogurt for topping!