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    A Great, almost epic, Run


    My roommate was less than forthright with me when he came in from outdoors. I asked him if it was windy outside and he said there was ‘a little breeze.’

    Apparently my roommate finds a 35 km/h north wind to be ‘a little breezy’. Fortunately I was appropriately attired when I stepped outside for my run.

    My second run since doing the half-marathon was fantastic. Even running into a strong wind, I felt great. My body felt fit, my balance was great, and my form was steady.

    I saw other runners on the Rideau Canal pathway, and I chased them down. (In this month’s issue of iRun AVK mentions that chasing down other runners while out running is a habit of his – as if it weren’t something that each and every runner does!) The best was the pair of young guys who I passed running north when they were running south. I reached my turn-around point, and started heading south after them. They were probably 400 metres ahead of me, but 10 minutes later I had closed that gap to probably about 150 metres when they reached their turnaround point, and started coming north.

    With everything against me – the wind, the cold, the dark – I was feeling great. I had not felt so fleet of foot in a long time. It was really one of my best runs in a long time.

    I had been holding off on registering for the Ottawa Marathon until I had one great run that confirmed to me that I was on the right track. Last night was it – for the first time in my life I am convinced that I will run a Marathon.

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    A new runner, 24-year-old Dennis recently participated in the 10k Festival City Run in Stratford, ON. While the distance seemed rather long (“First, let me just point out that 10 kilometres is 10,000 metres.”) and his chest felt “like a volcano” at the end of the race, he maintains that he actually enjoyed his first-ever, long-distance run. When he’s not working on Parliament Hill, Dennis is now busy training for the Ottawa Marathon – an ambitious goal for a newbie. He has even joined the ranks of those “crazy” and “insane” people who bundle up to run in sub-zero temperatures. Now that’s dedication!