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    A Spring Run in Ottawa


    Spring has returned to the Capital!

    As I went for my long run the sun was shining, ducks were swimming on the canal (What!?! People were skating on that thing less than a week ago!), and there were lots of runners along the path.

    I mentioned in my last post, I get a kick out of chasing down other runners, and with the weather finally turning warm, there were LOTS of them to chase down.

    I love to spy these runners from afar, and imagine myself as a two-legged Pacman, chasing after those dastardly ghosts as they pointlessly try to outrun me.

    I run up on one runner, and finally overtake them . . . DO DUH LEE DO! Inkey gone – 200 points!

    The next one is in my sights, and suddenly I’m there: DOO DUH LE DOO! that’s Blinky taken care of! 400 points!

    DOO DUH DE LOO! There goes Pinky (800 points!) and Clyde (1600 points!)! I’m on a roll!

    OK, It might be a little juvenile, but it gives me something to occupy my mind with while I’m out on 100 minute runs.

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    A new runner, 24-year-old Dennis recently participated in the 10k Festival City Run in Stratford, ON. While the distance seemed rather long (“First, let me just point out that 10 kilometres is 10,000 metres.”) and his chest felt “like a volcano” at the end of the race, he maintains that he actually enjoyed his first-ever, long-distance run. When he’s not working on Parliament Hill, Dennis is now busy training for the Ottawa Marathon – an ambitious goal for a newbie. He has even joined the ranks of those “crazy” and “insane” people who bundle up to run in sub-zero temperatures. Now that’s dedication!