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    Advice on Avoiding Illness


    I did it! 32k! It was long and it was hard but I took it really slow and made it all the way home. Sure, the rest of the day was a write off, but still! 10k to go!

    The 30k mark is a big one, and one was hard fought for me. I plan on running another 32 (maybe 33)k next week before upping my kilometres again.

    This month is kind of crazy for me. I have my final exams and then we are taking our kids to Disney World for a week mid-month. By the time we get home it will be very near the end of April and that means only a month to go until race day!

    So, of course, this morning I woke up with a heavy chest and sore throat. I felt kind of chesty yesterday, but hoped that my run would clear it. I’m really tired today, and kind of achy in my head/throat/chest. Other than rest and lots of water and healthy food, what can I do to avoid getting sick? Aside from the million things I have on my plate right now and the fact that I don’t *actually* have time to be sick, I really really don’t want to come down with a bug that affects my runs right now. The past two times I’ve gotten sick, it’s turned into a chest infection and I’m desperate to not have that happen.

    Any advice? I’ll try (just about) anything. Honey? Cold FX? Plain old vitamin C? Lots of extra naps (oh!! if I must!!)? How do you guys avoid colds?